Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer

Computer is playing an important role in the development of modern age. Let us see what are the characteristics that make it so important. These characteristics are:

1. Speed : 

  • Computer performs at a very high speed. It performs even complex operations in less than a second. A personal computer can execute millions of instructions in one second. If a computer completes a task within a minute, the same task can be completed by man in his whole life.

2. Accuracy : 

  • Computer performs all the tasks and calculations accurately. Once the correct instructions are given to computer it declares the results accurately. computer does not commit errors. If the error takes place it is duc to human mistake. Computer commits errors if it is out of order and due to virus.

3. Deligence : 

  • Computer does not get tired. It can work continuously for hours together and it does not suffer lack of concentration or speed.

4. Power of Remembering : 

  • Like man computer has also a power to remember which is called "Memory" in which crores of data can be stored. These data can be seen when we want.

5. Versatility: 

  • computer can be used to perform many different jobs. Computer plays significant part in different fields in Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Factories, Homes, Offices, Rescarch, meteorology, Entertainment etc.

6. Automation : 

  • Computer has the characteristic of automation. It can perform a number of tasks automatically and thus we can save time and money.

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