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One Word Substitution


1. unable to speak because of surprise - dumbstruck 

2. hold tightly - clasp 

3. the killing of a large number of people - massacre 

4. a person killed for his belief and principles - martyr 

5. a person who watches something that is happening but is not involved in it - onlooker 

6. a person who teaches in school - teacher 

7. skilled  bricklayer - mason 

8. a payment earned for work or service - wages

9. related to money- financial 

10. ability to read and write - literacy 

11. feeling of happiness and excitement- glee

12. a sad event or situation - tragedy 

13. to make something less- reduce, decrease 

14. to make food or drink go down one's throat - gulp, Swallow 

15. household waste or rubbish - garbage 

16. feel difficulty in breathing - suffocate 

17. to make something dirty - pollute 

18. make something reusable- recycle 

19. a pupil who does not live the school hostel

- day 



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